Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stockwell Days Says That His Party Does Not Have the Legal Right to Govern

If anything defines our current government it's hypocrisy, so it's always fun to dig up old media stories, and make them eat their words.

Cowboys for Social Responsibility unearthed an old Globe and Mail where Stockwell Day suggested that running deficits should be made illegal.

He claims to be taking a page from Ralph Klein's play book, but Mike Harris did the same thing. That's why Jim Flaherty had to hide a six billion dollar deficit back in the day. Otherwise, I guess Mikey would have hauled him off to jail, where he could break bread with the homeless.

And before you claim that the recession made them do it, Canada was in a deficit long before the recession hit.

This government just likes to spend our money. They have turned it into an art form.

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