Sunday, October 31, 2010

Images of Rally For Sanity Shows Americans are not Insane After All. Only the Republicans and Their Tea Party.

I didn't watch too much of the coverage yesterday. Been fighting an awful cold and slept most of the day. But I plan to hunker down this afternoon and watch what I can.

But the Los Angeles Times has captured some of the best images.

They are wonderful and uplifting.

It may not change the results of the mid-terms and maybe journalists will continue to be handcuffed and those riding bicycles threatening cities by "looking like the United Nations", but the rest of the world, after watching the antics of the Tea Parties for months, now understand that they only represent a small margin of Americans.

But they are the ones making all the noise and getting all the coverage.

This rally was such a good idea.

A bit of much needed comic relief.

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  1. Fabulous! And a relief. Now Canada needs some relief from thinking everyone else is a Harpie.