Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good News Folks. Forget About Human Rights. Barrick Gold Just Announced a Record Profit!


After writing a piece about the human rights abuses of Canadian mining companies, that are further sullying our international reputation, you can imagine my surprse when my news roll had the headline: Barrick Gold says third-quarter profits hit record, production ahead of target.

And they are increasing production by 20%

Just think of all the great toxic sludge that the kiddies will have to play in now.

Such a wonderful world.

Ah, we can dream.


  1. Oh, I love Louis. Look how slim he was in this video.
    But on topic ...ain't it always the way? Record profits, production up. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the Harpies laugh all the way to the bank...I don't for a minute believe there's nothing in it for them.

  2. That's my favourite Louis Armstrong song. My father in law saw him in concert years ago in Chicago. It was the highlight of his life.

  3. I saw him in concert once, too, when I was a teenager, and it was unbelievably wonderful. My father and my brother both played trumpet, so when Louis came to town we just had to see him.