Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reform Conservative Abuse of Our Tax Dollars is no Longer Funny

The video is just a reminder that Canadians can laugh at themselves. It is very funny. But what we can't laugh at is the waste of our money.

Two separate stories jerk us into reality, reminding us that our current government is not fiscally responsible. They have no problem spending money so long as that money can be spent to buy them a majority.

The first one is again about these damn ten percenters. Almost seven million dollars for sheer nonsense. None discuss things that are important to Canadians, like health care, the homeless, poverty ... instead they try to imply that Michael Ignatieff once called himself a Samurai Warrior or that he's 'just visiting'. We see enough of that on television.

Tory MPs assailed over mailing costs

The Conservatives have made free mail expensive. Reports that Tory MPs ran up $6.3-million in costs last year by mailing out so-called “ten-per-centers” to people outside their ridings have opposition MPs calling for new limits on the free-mail privilege.

The pamphlets are a parliamentary perk: MPs have free mailing privileges, called franking, that allow them to send information outside their riding. But onservatives have employed them at twice the rate of other MPs – and used them to take more bare-knuckled political campaigns into opponents' ridings. “They don't need to use our free franking privileges to carpet-bomb Canada with propaganda. It infuriates me,” New Democrat MP Pat Martin said ...


The second story dealing with tax abuse is another reminder of the 100 million dollar Ref-Con ad campaign touting the Canada Action Plan. By now most Canadians are aware of it, so we should cancel the ads and start putting the money into health care; an issue that is still number one on the list of Canadian priorities. They could start with the H1N1 crisis which is far from over, no matter what Mrs. Peacock's kindergarten class says.

Feds' $100-million for stimulus ads should be spent on H1N1 clinics, say opposition Tories accuse opposition parties of frightening the public and creating panic by overstating the degree of the

Provincial warnings to the public about closures of H1N1 vaccination clinics and delays in vaccine delivery contradict the federal government's claim about a sea of vaccine on its way to a worried Canadian public.

On the day Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) reiterated to the House of Commons last week that six million vaccine doses had already been distributed and two million more would be arriving this week, the province of New Brunswick listed more than 50 clinics it was postponing because of vaccine supply problems ....


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