Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why we Must Fight Against the New Identification of Anti-Semitism

The latest nonsense portrayed with the vile ten per centers distributed by the Reformers, has exposed a much bigger problem in Canada. The notion that any criticism of Israeli aggression can be deemed anti-Semitic.

The debate in Parliament now seems to be who can claim to be the most pro-Israel and by default the least anti-Semitic. When did we go insane?

And people like Omar Alghabra are being targeted, simply because they want to have an open and adult debate about the situation in the Middle East.

It has also tied the hands of opposition members, because the Reform Conservatives have become so openly combative over the issue, that screams of 'hate crimes' drown out any hope of intelligent discourse.

In fact, the latest Ref-Con flyers are a prime example of what anti-Semitism really is. They have racially profiled and stereotyped all Jewish Canadians as being pro-war and pro-Israel, when in fact many, many, many; simply are not.

And yet, Canadians' ability to speak out against Israel is being compromised by a group called Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA).

Independent Jewish Voices Canada has started a petition against the CPCCA, which states in part: The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA) is conducting eight hearings starting November 2 to December 14. “Witnesses” have been selected from some 150 submissions to further the CPCCA’s political agenda.

Many of those critical of the CPCCA agenda to equate criticism of Israel or Zionism as anti-Semitism made submissions. To the best of our knowledge, they have all been excluded from the hearings.

The CPCCA’s goal is to criminalize criticism of Israel and Zionism, not to hold impartial hearings.

Therefore, we oppose the CPCCA as an ideologically biased organization with an agenda that will harm free speech and human rights activity in Canada.

We oppose the CPCCA’s Orwellian distortion of anti-Semitism. It is a danger to both Canadian liberties and to the genuine and necessary fight against anti-Semitism.

Journalist Murray Dobbin also wrote an article on the subject that is well worth a read.

Ever since the Israeli invasion of the Gaza strip last December, the global debate surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has intensified with both sides upping the ante, and the stakes of the framing battle increasing almost daily. One of the most recent — but almost totally unreported — developments in Canada is something called the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA). It is not an official parliamentary body but is a multi-party, voluntary association of 13 MPs. It is currently holding an inquiry into antisemitism because, it says, “The extent and severity of antisemitism is widely regarded as at its worst level since the end of the Second World War.” ...

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