Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Poll Closing Gap Between Liberals and Conservatives

While the headline for the new poll is 'Conservatives Hold Steady Lead Over the Liberals', there are some interesting things to look at. Harper has had a six month free ride with attack ads, and our money to buy ridings. The Liberals have been receiving bad press, some of it legitimate.

However, it would appear that the Reform Party support is mostly with older people, which could change of course if our government is facing war crimes. The neo-conservative movement counts on driving non-conservatives away from the polls.

However, Justin Trudeau has been doing a lot of work lately, speaking with young people about becoming more involved. As a rule, youth voice is not represented in polls since they typically use cell phones or some other form of communication. Many don't have LAN lines phones.

The Liberals are up 4 points over last week, but what is also interesting, is that even when they were sliding, the support went to someone else on the left.

And: Fewer approve direction

"For the last six months, opinion of the government's direction was generally more positive than negative. But those polled in the last week were split on whether they thought the government was moving in the right direction or the wrong direction. If this change in perception holds in the coming weeks, there could be changes in voting intentions, EKOS said."

Then of course there's these polls on:


The Environment




  1. "However, Justin Trudeau has been doing a lot of work lately, speaking with young people about becoming more involved."

    Interesting. I wonder how much he charges? When he spoke at the last Liberal fundraiser for a education and literacy he charged them $10,000.

    Justin Trudeau, the son of the most despised, destructive, and outlandish PM in Canadian history, charges $10,000 to charity for his appearance.

  2. Gee, I think Mike Duffy is charging more than that. Maybe Justin needs a new agent.

  3. Oh, I see. Emily Dee thinks that Justin Trudeau should charge more for his charitable work. I now better understand the left's attitude towards helping others. Thank you.

  4. Speaking at a fundraising for the Liberal Party is not charity. Apparently Mike Duffy charges $ 25,000.00 to speak at Conservative Fundraisers.