Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prominent Jewish Leaders Take Harper to Task Over Anti-Semitic Flyers

If there is anything good that came of the hate literature distributed by the Reformers last week, when they racially profiled and then stereotyped Jewish-Canadians, it's that there may finally be an end to these ten per centers. Or at least a new direction. I've received seven, all from the Ref-Cons, and all absolutely ridiculous.

None address any concerns that rank the highest for Canadians, like health care and poverty. They are just partisan, mind numbing attacks.

However, it would appear that Harper's racial profiling has upset many prominent Jewish leaders (not the first time) and they have sent him a letter demanding that he stops spreading hate. Anti-Semitism is a real problem in our society, and it's encouraging to learn that incidents are actually on the decline.

But judging by the comments after on-line newpaper articles on the subject, something like this could make it rear it's ugly head. The Globe and Mail had to dispense with comments because they were becoming so visceral.

Jewish leaders ask Harper to trash Tory flyer
Canadian community members disturbed by mailing they say paints the Liberals as anti-Semitic Michael Valpy
Globe and Mail
November 23, 2009

Leading members of the Jewish community – many identified as Liberals – have sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to withdraw a taxpayer-funded Conservative flyer that they say portrays the Liberal Party as anti-Semitic.

The letter is signed by academics, lawyers, politicians, a member of the wealthy and influential Bronfman family and at least one high-ranking former civil servant – Robert Rabinovitch, president of the CBC from 1999 to 2007. About two-thirds are Jews.

We find it highly disturbing that any party or parliamentarian would attempt to use Israel as a wedge to divide the Jewish community and, indeed, Canadians, for partisan gain,” the letter says.

“Support for Israel should not be portrayed as exclusive to one party. The Liberal Party has a history of support for Israel, working co-operatively and effectively with the Canadian-Jewish community and speaking and acting against terrorism.”

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