Saturday, November 21, 2009

Militarization of Our Police is a Harper Initiative

The above video is part eight of the documentary The Nation's Deathbed.

The introduction or trailer outlined the SPP and the danger it imposed on Canadians.

Part one dealt with the 'harmonization' of safety standards between the US, Mexico and Canada; with a policy of 'Risk Management' rather than one of prevention.

Part two delved a little further into the fact that the SPP agreement now mentions our water as a 'good' and all 'goods' are part of the NAFTA deal.

Part three discussed the plans for a global government with the world being divided into trading blocks, and the increasing police presence in Canada.

Part four was a continuation of the concerns of a different style of policing and the fact that our Internet use may be monitored.

Part five revealed the stepping up of police intimidation, and the determination of protesters to have their voices heard.

In part six we witnessed the stormtroopers trying to box in a crowd of protesters, and using pepper spray and tear gas without provocation.

Part seven reveals how provocateurs were used to incite the crowd, which in turn would justify the use of physical force to break up a peaceful demonstration.

In part eight (above) the discussion turns to the militarization of our police. The gentleman being interviewed states that he has been in a lot of protests, but found it alarming that our police now treat them as the 'enemy' and that their movements are more indicative of an army.

Journalist Jonathon Narvey wrote in the Vancouver Sun recently: A mob of demonstrators blocked the Olympic torch relay last week and protests are expected to continue from now until the Olympics are done. Which brings us to the main question: What is the point of these protests?

Plenty of demonstrators seem incensed at the money spent on the Olympics instead of, say, health care, education or housing. But that money has already been spent. And it's not like the protesters are going to be able to actually prevent the Olympics from taking place. So what do you think the demonstrators want? Isn't the traditional media falling down on the job here in terms of probing the protesters with basic questions?

Our media would always listen to and report both sides of the story. But now that Mrs. Peacock's Kindergarten class is allowing the PMO to write all their copy and take all their photos, they are content to just eat cookies and hope they don't pee in their pants. We'll learn all we need to know in tomorrows edition of Pravda Ca-Na-Da.

But this militarization of the police is also a concern on the other side of the border. Stephen Lendman wrote in 2007:

Besides the Bush administration's imperial aims and permanent war on the world, add the one at home below the radar. Its weapons include the WTO, NAFTA, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI, CIA, NSA, NORTHCOM, militarized state and local police, National Guard forces, paramilitary mercenaries like Blackwater USA, and all other repressive instruments of state power and control. They target the people of three nations slowly becoming one headquartered in Washington. That's the apparent aim of those in power here wanting one continent, "indivisible" minus old-fashioned ideas like "liberty and justice for all" we used to believe in when, as kids, we recited our "Pledge of Allegiance." They now have a whole new meaning. They're just words drummed into young minds hoping they'll still believe them when they're old enough to know better.

And with the private prisons on the horizon in Canada, Harper will need some way to fill them.

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