Friday, November 20, 2009

Omar Alghabra is Not Anti-Semitic and I am Proud to Call Him a Friend

I was appalled that the Reform Conservatives singled out Mr. Alghabra, as being anti-Semitic. This is absolute nonsense. This young man has always fought tirelessly against hate crimes of any kind, and for the Reformers to suggest that he is anything but an honourable man is scandalous.

They owe him an apology.

It's incomprehensible to me that a Prime Minister can condone hate literature; profiling Jewish Canadians and stereotyping them all as being pro-Israel. They are Canadians who deserve the right to decide for themselves how they feel about events in the Middle East.

Mr. Alghabra wrote a very nice article on the situation. I commend him for standing up to the Prime Minister.

A New Low for the Conservatives

In the summer of 2006, during the Israel/Lebanon military conflict, the Conservatives used the crisis to fill their own coffers by sending out a fundraising appeal that mentioned the conflict. Now, the Conservatives are exploiting the Middle East conflict again to attract votes. They are sending out flyers into Jewish neighbourhoods (racial profiling?) claiming that they have the monopoly on defending what is important to the Jewish community. The Liberals? Not so much.

While innocent people on both sides in the Middle East are living in fear and frustration, the Conservatives are shamelessly exploiting the anxiety of Canadians who care. The Conservatives and Stephen Harper have done nothing to advance peace in the Middle East, yet they are trying from the comfort of their own homes in Canada to politically benefit from the suffering of children in the Middle East. A sad devolution of our political discourse in this country ....

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