Friday, November 27, 2009

This is Canada Mr. Harper. Keep the Republican Nonsense on the Other Side of the Border

I was sent this video and I love it. Very much in the 'Joe Canadian' vein. Between possible war crimes and Harper may be losing us our spot in the Commonwealth because of his inaction on climate change, it's hard to get pumped up about Canada these days. But this video reminds me who we are.

Harper would hate this. No oil, guns or war. And no Republicans.

I am noticing though lately more people, especially in the mainstream Media, discussing Harper's involvement with some of the worst that the Republicans have to offer and how the Reformers have muddied Canadian politics. Karl Rove comes up a lot lately and Frank Lutz.

Have they just now figured out what's going on here?

One of my favourite journalists, Murray Dobbin, knows though and has always known, exactly who Stephen is, was and will always be.

The Republicanization of Canadian Political Culture
By: Murray Dobbin

Watching the sickening performances of the Harperites in the House of Commons this week – out right lying, bullying, slander, contempt for the public and parliament, and a stunning disregard for the public good – brings home a hard reality: we are witnessing the Republicanization of our political culture. And it’s not just the torture issue – it’s the Conservative labeling of Liberals as anti-Semitic – a kind of shit-house rat politics virtually unknown in Canadian political history. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that Karl Rove is on the PMO’s payroll; his disciples certainly are ....

We must stop this man before he literally destroys the country – that is, destroys the core of who and what we are and how we see ourselves. The first step is recognizing that we are in grave danger.

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