Monday, November 30, 2009

According to Conservative MP Jacques Gourde There is a Scandal at Public Works

Or is there? Is there really a Public Works? Is there such a person named Jacques Gourde?

It's all a mystery.

The strangest story is coming from the Public Works department, that began when the Globe and Mail learned that there was apparently a police investigation in progress. That was on Wednesday.

Officials silent on mystery investigation at Public Works

Investigators have been called in to Public Works Canada, but the government is refusing to release any information on the matter.

In fact, government officials are even refusing to say which law prevents them from speaking about the situation.

"I can't even confirm or deny that there is an investigation, or even discuss under what law I'm not allowed to talk," a government official said.

Reformer Christian Paradis stated on the Public Works website:

Gatineau, November 27, 2009 – There have been a number of media stories regarding a potential investigation or probe at Public Works and Government Services Canada. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

There is no investigation into the sale of federal government properties and no investigators have been called in to investigate this matter at Public Works and Government Services Canada.

And yet according to Reform Conservative MP Jacques Gourde, there is indeed an investigation taking place, though he refused to give further details. I doubt an MP would rat out his own party if there was nothing to rat out.

Conservatives finally confirm Public Works probe
Daniel Leblanc
Ottawa — Globe and Mail
November 27, 2009

Conservative MP Jacques Gourde apparently broke the law today as he finally confirmed that investigators are at work at Public Works Canada.

Federal officials had insisted all week that an unspecified law prevented them from either confirming or denying the existence of the investigation, first
revealed in The Globe and Mail.

In answer to a question from Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay today, Mr. Gourde ignored the directive and finally shone a bit of light on the matter.

As it stands, Public Works and Government Services Canada is aware of these investigations, but I cannot provide further comment,” Mr. Gourde said.

While Mr. Gourde did not provide details on the target of the investigation, his answer went further than previous comments from government officials.

“I can't even confirm or deny that there is an investigation, or even discuss under what law I'm not allowed to talk,” a government official told The Globe earlier this week.

During Question Period, Ms. Hall Findlay decried the mystery surrounding the investigation, which she said “relates to suspected irregularities in the government's selloff of federal properties.”

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