Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Did Harper Sit on Almost 2 Billion Dollars For Social Housing?

The Globe and Mail reported today that less than 1% of the $1.9-billion federal fund for social housing has been spent, despite the fact that homelessness is on the rise.

Gerald Keddy must be tickled pink that his "no-good bastards" will have to stay on the sidewalks in Halifax. The Reformers can afford 100 million dollar for self serving TV ads, but nothing to help those hardest hit by the recession.

When will Canadians wake up and realize that helping those less fortunate is not a neo-conservative principle. Their only goal is not to blink.

Less than 1% of $1.9-billion social-housing fund spent so far: Hardest-hit Canadians still waiting for support

Less than 1 per cent of a $1.9-billion federal fund for social housing has actually been spent – more than a year after it was announced by the Harper government in the midst of the 2008 election campaign. Another $1.5-billion of social-housing money allotted in February's budget is also only trickling out the door, according to newly released government data.

The figures suggest Canadians who are hardest hit by the recession won't benefit from the flood of stimulus cash until the economy is well on its way to recovery. They also show that the political pledges to quickly inject cash into the struggling economy have run into the bureaucratic realities of federal-provincial negotiations ....

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  1. All of Canada should be appalled, but we're not. As long as it's not affecting us personally or our families, we ignore it. Harper also made a 75% cut to Social Services across Canada. If you're not on Social Services, you don't feel the pain. Those people laying dirty and cold on the street, are there because Harper kept the money that would assist in housing. They are dirty because they don't have the luxury of a bath or shower. They will be lucky if they eat today, because without a residential address you don't qualify for Social Services. If you qualify for Ontario Works in Ontario (put in place by Conservative Mike Harris) you get a little over $500. per month? You can't even rent a room for that, never mind food. So anyone with half a brain can see how the Conservatives fixed it. No residence, no income, -you're on the street. Damned shameful, and ignored.