Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Property Taxes Must Now Go to Support Stephen Harper's Campaign

You know we can joke all we like about these signs and an Action Plan that appears to have been a complete fraud, but we have to stand back for just a moment and ask ourselves what is going on here?

The 45 millions dollars spent on signage so far, is being passed to the provinces and municipalities, and those municipalities, if they want stimulus funding, must agree to foot the bill for everything related to the funding, including signage. The signs themselves run between $4,000.00 -7, 000.00 each, but there's more:

The recipient is required to give the Conservatives 15 days notice, for any ribbon cutting exercises and must assume all the cost.

For the purposes of events, Eligible Costs include the following:-

- Printing and mailing invitations
- Light refreshments, such as coffee, tea, juice, donuts, muffins, snacks
- Draping for plaque unveiling
- Project material for display and/or media kit
- Temporary signage
- Rentals such as: flagpoles, Stage, chairs, podium, - PA system

And many of the signs are not even being made in Canada. I don't think this is really that funny. It's rather disgusting actually.

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