Tuesday, November 24, 2009

C'Mon Brothers and Sisters. It's Time For a Low Carbon Energy Revolution

After reading the article posted below, this Beatles song came to mind immediately. And the line 'We'd all love to see the plan' needs to be addressed to Jim Prentice, because he appears to have no plan at all.

But for all you baby boomers. Get out of your seats. You know you used to dance to this song, admit it. So dance and then call or write someone, demanding an environmental revolution. Our children and grandchildren deserve it, because it's their planet we're destroying.

Crane: Held hostage by the oil sands

Dealing with climate change is extraordinarily difficult because it does entail serious costs and painful change. But the International Energy Agency, in its latest World Energy Outlook, puts the climate challenge front and centre because we don't really have a choice.

What's needed, it says, is nothing less than a low carbon energy revolution that would rival the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and the information technology revolution of the 20th century. "The scale and breadth of the energy challenge is enormous – far greater than many people realize," it warns. "But it can and must be met," it says, because the costs of not acting, and soon, are much greater ....

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