Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I just read the articles in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, about the horrendous piece of hate mail that the Reform Conservatives have been distributing and I can't remember when I've ever been this disgusted.

I went from shock, to anger to feeling physically ill.

Michael Ignatieff might be an adversary of Harper's but he is still a Member of Parliament and you do not marginalize a group of people by suggesting that there is a Member of Parliament who does not like them.

The Jewish community should be absolutely disgusted. I can't even imagine anyone distributing this kind of hate literature, but when it's your own Prime Minister, it's inexcusable.

If Mr. Ignatieff wanted to take the low road, he could certainly mention a few things that might be more upsetting.

Like for instance: Stephen Harper helping to found a white brotherhood, the Northern Foundation, that housed Neo-Nazis.

Or the fact that when Stockwell Day was teaching Bible school in Bentley Alberta, the Minster of Education called his teaching both anti-Semitic and racist. One question on his exam was 'Are the Jews the children of the Devil, yes or no. He was also friends with James Keegstra and his father was a close personal friend of Doug Christie's.

Or how about Jason Kenney and his close relationship with Charles McVety? One of the teachers at McVety's Canadian Christian College, Reverend Dean Bye, states: "It is estimated that upwards of six million Jewish people are still dwelling in North America ... North American Jews must recognize they must all “return” to Israel and he warns: “the time of the U.S.A. being a safe haven for the Jews has ended!” . He adds that “we don’t throw them overboard [like Jonah] but lovingly assist them home to Israel. "

Everyone has been able to overlook Stephen Harper's past with the Northern Foundation, chalking it up to youth (he was 28), but how he could risk having this dredged up again is beyond me. Maybe he's still just the same hateful person he was back then.

If anyone in the media condones this, then we are in even more trouble than I thought. The Globe and Mail had to suspend comments because it was getting so ugly. This is exactly what happens when you distribute hate literature. You validate hate.

And remember, we are paying for this.

Tory flyers targeting Jewish votes raise hackles

A new page in Conservative narrow-casting has the Liberals crying foul. Using the free-mail privileges of MPs, the Conservatives are sending out flyers to ridings with large Jewish communities, arguing they are committed to Canada’s Jewish Community and the Liberals are not.

The leaflets argue the Conservatives have done more to fight anti-Semitism abroad, fight terrorism and support Israel than the Liberals. It asks recipients, “Who is on the right track to represent and defend the values of Canada’s Jewish Community,” and to choose the answer from the names of the four major-party leaders ....


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