Friday, November 27, 2009

We Need a Tax Revolt on These Ten Percenters. NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Voices are getting louder in protest, and I swear if these damn ten per centers are not stopped immediately I am going to organize a march. We will gather up as many as we can and drop them on Harper's doorstep (or on his head).

The Reformers spent twice as much as all other parties together on this nonsense, and each one is more ridiculous than the last. Michael Ignatieff has called for reform; I call for a complete stop.

Ten million dollars can be put to much better use. Housing for the homeless, food for the hungry, job creation. One way tickets for the Harper government to Lower Soblovia.

Ten percenters: Ground free flyers

LIKE the rest of us, Canada’s MPs have a right to free speech. But they are abusing one free-speech perk other Canadians don’t have — free postage — though the scam of 10-percenters.

MPs’ free mailing privilege is just that — a privilege. Mail to and from them is carried without postal fees. Why? It’s not because Canadians are crying for more campaign propaganda in between campaigns. The purpose is to enable people to contact their representative and to encourage MPs to help and report to constituents. Essentially, it’s a subsidy to support representation and accountability.

But this privilege is being abused by the rising use of "10-percenter flyers" — campaign-style mass mailings written by party central offices, not local MPs, and sent to targeted ridings using the pooled distribution privileges of individual MPs ....

If Stephen Harper held press conferences, or spoke with the media now and then, we might be able to ask him if he thinks this is a good use of more than ten million dollars. But we'll never know what he thinks, because he doesn't talk to us.


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