Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reform Conservative MP Gerald Keddy Calls Unemployed 'No-Good Bastards'

Remember Gerald Keddy, the man who got busted using a Conservative logo on a government cheque? Well Keddy is in trouble again, this time touting the party line on the unemployed.

When he used Peter Van Loan and Jason Kenney's 'hire a migrant worker and we'll make them do as they're told' plan, he called the unemployed in Halifax "no-good bastards". The man should be removed from the Conservative caucus immediately, given the rise in unemployment in this country.

But will he be? Of course not. This kind of thing appears to be encouraged in this party. It plays to their base and he will probably be promoted. Welcome to the new Canada.

Too lazy in Halifax to work?
The Chronicle Herald
Ottawa Bureau
November 24, 2009

OTTAWA — If anyone ever stops Nova Scotia farmers from hiring migrant labourers to harvest their crops, they would destroy a lot of businesses because unemployed Nova Scotians don’t want those jobs, says Gerald Keddy, the Conservative MP for South Shore-St. Margarets.

"Nova Scotians won’t do it — all those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in Halifax that can’t get work," Mr. Keddy said Monday.

He said if you want to "shut down the Annapolis Valley, and every market garden operation and all the apple industry, then don’t bring in immigrant labour. We’ve got 20 Christmas tree growers using immigrant labour this year."

Mr. Keddy was upset that a reporter called to check out a rumour that he had hired migrant labourers to work on his Christmas tree operation.

"Why would the question be asked?" he said. "Why would it matter?" (The fact that he asks that question says a lot)

Mr. Keddy has an eight-hectare Christmas tree operation, which he runs with his kids. They don’t bring in any migrant labourers, but Mr. Keddy said nobody should criticize farmers who do because "they can’t get enough local labour."

It’s also great for the workers from out of the country, he said. "They pay the guys 10 or 12 bucks an hour. It’s a great job for the Mexicans. (???? What a horrible thing to say) They’ve got to pay either their way up or their way back. It’s not slave labour here."

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