Sunday, November 22, 2009

Michael Ignatieff Proposes Reforms to Ten Percenters

After the Reform Conservatives hit a new low with the distribution of ten per centers, Michael Ignatieff has proposed necessary reform to the system. This is an absolute abuse of taxpayers money and for a government who claims they have a handle on our economy, the worst offenders are them.

Liberals call for sweeping reforms to stop abuse of MP “ten-percenter” privileges
November 22, 2009

OTTAWA – In a letter to Speaker Peter Milliken today, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff called on the House of Common’s all-party Board of Internal Economy to implement sweeping reforms to curb the abuse of the MP ten-percenter privilege.

“The Harper Conservatives have deliberately abused this privilege for some time,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “But last week they went too far with their ten-percenters by falsely accusing their political opponents of anti-Semitism. This practice has to stop.”

... In his letter, Mr. Ignatieff urged the Speaker of the House and all other parties to agree to the following steps:

1. Ten percenters should be limited to a Member’s own riding;

2. The practice of ten percenter “regroupings” must be abolished; and

3. The name of the leader of the sending member’s party must be included in any Ten Percenter and the leader must explicitly endorse the content of the Product.

You can view the letter here.



  1. I noticed the footage of Harper in front of the Cutler campaign signs. Alan Cutler was the star candidate in an Ottawa-area riding and lost his seat.

    Harper was so heavily invested in the whistleblower's prospects as a future MP. Even after paying off another candidate for the seat, Cutler lost.

    I wonder what he's doing nowadays?

    I wonder how many people connect the first bit of footage with the income trusts affair--or have they forgotten that?

  2. I wasn't aware of Cutler. There is a better video showing the shock over Harper's big lie that starts out with the 'jaws dropped today as Harper broke a campaign promise ...' yet he sounds so sincere ....