Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to Canada. Leave Your Civil Liberties at the Door

The above video is the trailer for a documentary series 'The Nation's Deathbed'. There has been a growing movement to try and halt the deep integration treaties that Stephen Harper has entered into on our behalf, but since Mrs. Peacock's kindergarten class aren't covering this, we all believe that everything is rosy.

This is Canada. Nothing like this would ever happen here. Well guess again. Our civil liberties are eroding and even taken at it's basest, let's look at two important facts.

The Prime Minister's office is now controlling ALL of their press. They are writing the copy and taking the photographs, and our press gallery is now obsolete. And the Reform Conservatives voted 98% in favour of scrapping the Human Rights Commission at their last convention. They just need that majority that the press are determined to hand them.

So welcome to the new Canada. This is Harper land now. Check your civil liberties at the door ... cuz we ain't into none o' that ther lib luvin, tree huggin' nonsinse he'er now. We be jus' law 'biden folk. Pravda Ca-Na-Da tills us oll we need'er no.

Stephen Harper's National Security State
Murray Dobbin
November 11, 2009

One of the principal thrusts of corporate globalization and its neo-liberal ideology is the development of the national security state. In the minds of the gurus of this global system, the only proper roles for government are security – policing, the armed forces, intelligence gathering, prisons – the banking system and the general facilitation of the actions of private capital. Ideally, the rest would be handled by the private sector. As we have seen in Iraq even the security role can be increasingly contracted out to the private sector ....

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