Monday, November 2, 2009

Harper's Neo-Conservatism Is Turning Deadly. When Will we Wake Up?

Part of the ideology of the neo-Conservative movement is that the federal government should not play a role in the lives of it's citizens. Therefore, when something like the swine flu hits, the government takes a step back.

Look what happened when Harper decided that meat packers could just inspect themselves. twenty-two deaths. And in the same way that the Reformers now think H1N1 is funny, Listeriosis gave our Gerry Ritz an entire comedy routine.

Blogger Montreal Simon puts it quite clearly, in letting us know that once again Canadians are just not into neo-Conservatism. We value life and would never follow Leo Strauss. We are not ignorant masses to be controlled and ignored, and we deserve better than this.

The Harper Cons and the Vaccine Nightmare
November 1, 2009

Stephen's Harper's Cons must take most of the blame. Because the reasons for their incompetence are largely IDEOLOGICAL. They don't believe in a national role for government. They don't believe in strengthening our medicare system. How could they when Harper spent 15 years trying to DESTROY it.

They believe OUR health is a purely provincial matter. But since the HarperCons forgot to tell the Swine Flu bug to respect those provincial borders, now we're in this mess, everybody is panicking or getting angry. And it all could have been avoided if these Cons had put the safety of Canadians before their hideous alien ideology, taken a leadership role in a NATIONAL emergency, and launched a massive ad campaign to educate the public and prepare them for the second wave of the pandemic. Like the British started doing SIX months ago...

But instead of preparing us for this pandemic, what did our Cons do ?Answer: Blow their ad budget trying to buy themselves a MAJORITY. By spending gazillions of OUR tax dollars deluging us with commercials about their Porky Action Plan.

And if you think that's a nightmare....Thanks to these rabidly ideological and incompetent clown porkers most of the population won't be vaccinated until well into December. And since the Swine flu could surge in the next few weeks, November promises to be an even darker month than it normally is...full of sickness and fear.

Great eh?

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours. Tell everyone you can. Stephen Harper is definitely NOT a leader. Canada is a COUNTRY not a collection of provinces.

And these Cons have GOTTA go...

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