Monday, November 2, 2009

Neo-Conservatism Leaves us Swimming in a Sea of Red Ink

For all his nonsense, suggesting that the deficit would have been far worse under the Liberals, we know that Liberals are always having to clean up the messes of various conservative parties.

I might feel a little more confidence if this government was honest with us; but there are far too many lies, far too many secrets, and not enough planning for the future.

Canada's red ink won't vanish
Jim Flaherty says we'll be back in the black when the economy recovers. Here's why he's wrong

As Stephen Harper leads the country toward a historic $55-billion deficit and beyond in the name of economic stimulus, recent polls show ordinary Canadians are starting to fret about leaving their kids drowning in a sea of red ink. But not to worry. In the world according to federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, the national deficit will disappear when the Conservatives stop printing those big cardboard cheques for roads, sewers and new door knobs.

The finance minister's recent economic report went so far as to promise the country would "return to budgetary balance" without raising taxes, or cutting support to seniors or families. Canada will be back in the black, Flaherty promised, without reducing employment insurance benefits or funding to the provinces for health care, social services or regional equalization ....

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