Sunday, December 26, 2010

Will Don Cherry be Running for the Neocons in Kingston?

The Neoconservative candidate in Kingston, Brian Abrams, stepped down recently and his replacement has yet to be announced.

However, rumours are flying that Don Cherry will be running on the neocon ticket in his hometown, which suddenly makes everything he's been doing so far make sense.

Supporting Rob Ford's throwing public servants out of work and attacking immigrants.

Visiting Afghanistan, knowing that Kingston is a military town.

I don't know whether to feel nauseous or just cry. For 40 years we have been represented by the best of the Tories and Liberals in Flora MacDonald and Peter Milliken.

Now we will have the only politician with a lower IQ than Sarah Palin. But his name recognition will probably get him elected, and the neocons will tout him around to all the ridings, signing autographs, burping and butt scratching their way to victory.

Our once beautiful country is being handed over to idiots.


  1. I used to hate Don Cherry. For years. Then, when his wife died, he seemed to mellow, and it was hard to hate someone so recently bereaved. But I'd hate to have him in the government.

  2. If Kingston elects Don Cherry I am moving to the US

  3. What should be more frightenins is
    that Cherry loses in the election and
    Harper makes him a Senator!

    Chilling prospect, isn't it?

  4. Ooooo my gooooooooodddddddddd!!!!!

  5. It's still just a rumour but I could see it happening. I can just imagine the debates.