Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christian Paradis in Trouble Again. When is he Going to Step Down?

Christian Paradis should have his own TV show. A weekly drama of his weekly dramas.

In this episode we find him once again trying to bury information.

Two more Conservative staffers have been fingered for blocking access to records but their boss is refusing to say whether he has passed on the files to the federal information commissioner. The involvement of Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis’ staff in access-to-information files was raised by all three opposition parties during question period Thursday, with some MPs calling for the minister’s resignation.

A former aide to Paradis, Sebastien Togneri, resigned in October when it emerged he intervened at least four times in the release of government records while Paradis was Public Works minister. The Canadian Press reported Wednesday that two other members of the minister’s political staff, Jillian Andrews and Marc Toupin, also tried to stop the release of documents on at least two separate occasions in 2009.

Can't wait to see next week's show. I can't give it away but I hear it involves a one-eyed waitress and a pair of oven mitts.

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