Tuesday, December 21, 2010

C'Mon My Army of Pinkos. Young and Old Must Unite!

This country is in trouble and the Harper government is trying to pit the young against the old, blaming seniors for the debt that will be passed on to future generations.


Our problems are not due to the Baby Boomers, now reaching retirement, but the rich. The rich, the richer, and the filthy rich. Those folks that Harper is determined to make even richer at the expense of everyone else.

Duncan Cameron says the young and old must unite if we have any chance of saving healthcare, education and pensions.
On the eve of the second decade of the new century, a renewed alliance between young and old would help Canadians trying to make a better life for more citizens. Much of current public policy debate turns around attempts to foster irrational fears about what the future holds. A prime example is attempts to manipulate public opinion by evoking threats an aging population pose for our public healthcare system. The next generation will stagger around covering the debts incurred to look after the health (and income) needs of retirees; we are told this so often people start to believe it.

There is no truth to the idea that young Canadians will need to go without to protect seniors' pensions and healthcare. The issues facing Canadians, whether they be young, old, or in between, have very little to do with the commonly heard assertions about how the aging population threatens the future of healthcare; or, how the young will need to subsidize older Canadians in retirement. The real division in Canada today is the same one noted by Aristotle in the 5th-century B.C.: the struggle between the rich and the poor.
So my Army of Pinkos, while Don Cherry speaks only for millionaires, we are the ones speaking for the little guy. The average Canadians of all ages. The poor, the working poor, seniors, veterans .... everyone that the Harper government ignores.

And to all you young folks out there, write a little pledge and put it in the Christmas card to your grandparents, or elderly neighbours. Promise them that you will not blame them for the loss of any of the things their generation was able to take for granted. Because the fact is, we do not need to lose them. We just need a fairer tax system, so that those who get the most from this country's resources, pay their share.

Forget Don Cherry. Forget Stephen Harper. Forget Jim Flaherty.

There's lots of money out there, but it's being hoarded by the greedy. Time to spread it around a bit. Put an end to corporate welfare and demand that this government changes it's focus.

That money is our money, not theirs. Enough is enough.

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