Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stephen Harper to Perform CBC's Swan Song. Goodbye Hockey Night in Canada

Stephen Harper has always hated the CBC. I mean it has Canadian in it's name. How could he possibly like it?

Dean Del Mastro also hates the CBC. He's planning on "Reorganizing" the CBC's money? That's Reform speak for cutting it off.

Del Mastro was involved in a little collusion with Mike Duffy to embarrass a CBC journalist. He's a truly evil man.

And we've learned from WikiLeaks that the Americans don't like CBC because they "stereo-type" them.
"While this situation hardly constitutes a public diplomacy crisis per se, the degree of comfort with which Canadian broadcast entities, including those financed by Canadian tax dollars, twist current events to feed long-standing negative images of the U.S. — and the extent to which the Canadian public seems willing to indulge in the feast — is noteworthy as an indication of the kind of insidious negative popular stereotyping we are increasingly up against in Canada."
Maybe if they stopped acting like insidious negative asses, we wouldn't think of them that way. Besides, have you seen how they stereo-type us? We all live in Igloos, eh?

All of this makes me angry, but learning that we could be losing Hockey Night in Canada, because of another corporate take over, has me steamed.

Is Herr Harper going to leave us with anything?

Hockey Night in Canada to be replaced with Every Night in Harperland, aka: Fox News North.

Oh, well. Buck up and start practicing your goose step. Make sure you move the furniture first. Trust me.

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