Saturday, December 11, 2010

More on the G-20 From Hell

The scathing report on the human rights abuses at the G-20 in Toronto, presented by the Attorney General Andre Marin, appears to lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Toronto Police Chief and the Premier of Ontario.

But something this massive requires a lot of hands and a lot of fingerprints.

And the man with the most fingerprints on the civil disaster was none other than Stephen Harper.

He decided to hold the G-20 in Toronto. He authorized the enormous expenditures. He gave the untendered contract for security.

But rather than taking leadership on this issue, something a prime minister is supposed to do, he is simply trying to wipe off his prints and go into hiding.

What assurances do Canadians have that this won't happen again? None.

This is part of a pattern. As a group of law professors calling for an inquiry, said recently: 'the mass arrests effected during the G20 appear to be part of a trend towards the criminalization of dissent in Canada.'

Vic Toews simply released a statement saying that the security forces acted with “professionalism” and thanked them for their “exceptional work”, while Ontario Neocon leader, Tim Hudak, heard on the above video demanding answers, wrote a column praising the police for their conduct. Hypocrite.

Nothing short of a full public inquiry can be acceptable, with people from all levels of government being held to account.


  1. Everytime I see a report on police brutality it sends a shiver up my spine. I am old enough to remember when anti war and cival rights marches were a daily occurence and when met with physical violence it was always met with abhorence, except by the "redneck" fringe.The younger generation that embrace a cuture of rights and freedoms must be truly disenfranchised at the constant display of thugery that awaits them. We have witnessed a change in our lives that started before Seattle/Vancouver/Quebec and won't end with Toronto. The pattern seems to be consistant enough where it should never be surprising to anyone. Give a thug a stick and the right to use it and watch what happens. You don't have to have a Phd. in human behaviour to figure it out. The state of our country is reprehensible and I point the finger at everyone. Harper, Mickdinnky,Grapes, Fantino, Van Toad, the list of big mouths is huge. Imagine it takes the report of one an Ombudsman to get people to sit up and take notice of something I have not forgotten. We are in a real mess in this global village and there dosen't seem to be a light at the tunnel. I never supported Harper. I can never vote for Iggy.I will not support Mickdinky, Grapes or Fantino. What choice do I have, Hudak? Say it ain't so. I think we need a good old fashioned revolution with a little bit of insurection thrown in for good measure.Will someone show me a sign, "one if by land, two if by sea".