Monday, December 20, 2010

The Vancouver Observer is Right. Stephen Harper is Too Expensive

Dan Veniez has a great column in the Vancouver Observer: Why Canada can't afford Stephen Harper
We need to spend $15 billion on jails because unreported crimes are rising? Don't believe them. We need to stop the long-form census, because the census-takers are going to send you to jail? Don't believe them. We need to kill the long-gun registry, because the police are leading a cult conspiracy to take away everybody's guns? Don't believe them. We awarding a $19 billion untendered contract for new jets because the Russians are coming? Don't believe them. This is a government that is counting on fear, driven by lies, to earn the votes it needs to win again. Is it true that only a Harper Conservative government can bring sound management to the economy? Don't be fooled. Look at the record.

In recent months, we’ve been treated to more stellar economic and fiscal management, such as a double-digit increase in spending for Harper’s own office, shutting down downtown Toronto for 72 hours for a cost of well over $1 billion, not to mention the ignored Charter rights of Canadians, and triggering an unprovoked conflict with the United Arab Emirates that will cost us at least $300 million.
And the list goes on. Give it a read. You'll never call Harper a fiscal conservative again. (I never did, though I have called him many things)

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  1. "The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots". H.L. Mencken
    Maybe little Stevie knows full well that he better not have an election because he could never win even a pathetic minority or then again maybe he believes his own lies and thinks he can pull us out of the double dip recession looming on the horizon. Remember Stevie, "it's the economy stupid"!