Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Cherry. I am Not a Pinko. But You Sir Are an Ass!

I used to like Don Cherry, despite his views, but I think the old fart has gone senile.

Maybe he's just thrilled to find someone with a lower IQ than he, and still able to make a living.

His speech today was a little over the top.
“[This is] what you’re going to be facing Rob with these left-wing pinkos. They scrape the bottom of the barrel,” Mr. Cherry said. His sign off: “He’s going to be the greatest mayor this city has ever, ever seen as far I’m concerned. Put that in your pipes you left-wing kooks.”

Mr. Cherry’s speech was at odds with the light and friendly tone of the rest of the ceremony, which featured a rendition of the national anthem and each of Toronto’s 44 councillors taking a picture with a beaming Mayor Ford.
Bike riders are pinkos. The media are pinkos.

I'm ashamed to admit that we are both from Kingston. He is a disgrace.


  1. I have just written to the CBC to tell them that I will be watching HNIC once more, to make a list of advertisers who I will tell that until Cherry is removed from his extremist right wing political soapbox I will no longer be watching ANY CBC sport programs. Neocon propaganda stooges we do not need associated with our winter passion of hockey - Cherry is a disgrace.

  2. I used to hate Don Cherry. Then he seemed to mellow after his wife died. Now I can hate him again. Certainly off-the-wall rather than off-the-cuff remarks.

  3. I think I reacted so strongly to it, because I had just read where one cop at the G-20 called a girl a Liberal c*nt jsut before kicking her.

    This kind of visceral hatred between left and right is becoming intolerable.

  4. My husband has always held Cherry responsible for the increase in violence in hockey with his brand of commentary and the millions that he made on the violent hockey videos. I guess he's now intent on fomenting verbal bullying in Toronto and Ontario politics with his allies Ford and Fantino.