Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attention Assangenites! Our Leader Has Been Arrested But All is Not Lost.

Hee, hee. My bad.

I think we could create a cult. I've never been in a cult before. Heck, it might be fun.

Assange has been arrested, but thousands of volunteers will keep the leaks leaking, and he has enormous support.

As one of his financial backers claimed recently:
"I was prepared to do it (offer £20,000 as surety) because there was a possibility of an injustice being perpetrated against Julian Assange personally. He has been a doing the job of a journalist and he deserves the support of people who believe that the free flow of information is the bedrock of a democracy."
The free flow of information as the bedrock of democracy. Proof that Harper's suppression of information is an attempt to destroy democracy.

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  1. Thanks Emily for keeping us posted. I hope he is going to be OK. And of course Harper is assaulting democracy when he assaults the flow of information. Absolutely!