Monday, December 6, 2010

All Too Familiar Scenes Means it's Time to Cancel the G-20

At the G-20 in Pittsburgh, in 2009; a wall of riot police attacked and cornered students on the stairs. Citizens were kidnapped, arrested and beaten, when they tried to protest against the bailing out of the corporate sector, while failing to address unemployment.

Journalists were also targeted and beaten.

Police Provocateurs were used to incite violence, giving reason for further brutality.

At the G-20 in London England, police brutality shocked citizens.

Police Provocateurs were used to incite.

One man was killed and others beaten, arrested and kidnapped. Journalists were targeted.

At the G-20 in Toronto, police brutality shocked citizens.

Police Provocateurs were used to incite.

Journalists were targeted beaten and arrested.

There is a pattern here. A message.

A committee is currently investigating complaints, but their scope is limited. We need a full public inquiry.

Only a full public inquiry will get to the bottom of the overwhelming evidence of civil rights abuses at the G20 meeting in Toronto, a New Democratic MP said Monday. Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway) told a news conference that to do otherwise is to accept Canada is becoming a police state where the toe of a cop’s boot or punch in the gut is the rule of law.

Davies said not only has it been proven that police falsified evidence to justify widespread arrests – the largest in Canadian history – they also manufactured evidence, including so-called weapons seized from completely separate incidents. “What we need is a full public inquiry, we need a judicial inquiry, we need an independent inquiry, we need an inquiry with full powers to hear sworn evidence, subpoena witnesses and compel the production of all relevant documents,” he said.

“If not, one of the most shameful and largest mass violations of Canadians’ rights by police and the state in Canadian history will go totally unredressed. We live in a democratic state. We do not live in a police state. We live in a country that is supposed to be governed by the rules of law, not the rule of force.”

I think it's time to put an end to these summits, because they appear to be a test for martial law, around the globe.

But if you want some bragging rights, there was a journalist being interviewed, who had covered all three of the above G-20s, and stated emphatically that Toronto was the worst he'd ever seen.

Go Canada.


  1. My God, I have to force myself to watch those videos, they are very upsetting.

    December 7, 2010


    Look up your MP via Postal Code:

    Find your MPP here:

    If you live in Toronto, find your Councillor:

    Re: Public G20 Enquiry

    Last summer's G20 abuses in Toronto were appalling. I demand a full official G20 Public Enquiry with the jurisdiction to ask all fundamental questions and the authority to compel the answers.

    I wanted to take my family to peacefully protest that weekend but I was too scared. Where is our democracy? Where are my rights and freedoms as a Canadian I am supposed to be entitled to?

    • There needs to be a Commission of Inquiry into abuses of individual rights and freedoms by the G20 Integrated Security Unit.

    • There needs to be an investigation into the options, risk analysis, and decision-making that led to the G20 Summit being held in Toronto Ontario.

    • There needs to be an investigation into imputed G8-related spending in federal ridings held by CPC Members of Parliament.

    • There needs to be an investigation into all G8/G20-related expenditures made without a tender process.

    • There needs to be a plain English explanation of all agreements and commitments made by the Government of Canada and opportunity for parliamentary debate and vote before they become binding on Canada.

    Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter.


    Canadian Nobody
    City, Province
    Postal Code
    Tel. No:


    Stephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada,,
    Michael Ignatieff – Leader of the Liberal Party,,
    Gilles Duceppe - Leader of the Bloc Québécois,,
    Jack Layton - Leader of the New Democratic Party,,
    Elizabeth May - Leader of the Green Party of Canada,,
    Marjory LeBreton - Leader of the government in the Senate,,
    Dalton McGuinty - Premier of Ontario,,
    Rob Ford - Mayor of Toronto,

  2. If you are as frustrated as I am about the abuse of powers of police during the G20 (especially the fact that Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair is still in power after admittedly lying to citizens about their civil rights resulting in individuals being unlawfully searched and detained), then follow this link for contact information for the City of Toronto (mayor and council) and a sample letter asking for the dismissal of Police Chief Blair: