Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jason Kenney Cuts Funding to Immigrant Support

When Jason Kenney was running the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, he openly fought against any money going to immigration or multiculturalism.

Well, he's finally getting his wish as he pulls the plug on support for newcomers to this country.
Liberal MP Bob Rae called the cuts harsh and draconian. New Democratic MP Olivia Chow agreed, adding that the government has not given enough of an explanation for the budget cuts?
Enough of an explanation? They've given none, announcing it during the holidays, hoping no one would notice. And 80% of those cuts will be in Ontario. (Rob Ford is said to be doing the Chicken Dance he's so excited)

And a letter to the Star, rightfully suggests that: Tory spin doesn’t add up
Ontario is bearing the brunt of cutbacks across Canada, absorbing more than 80 per cent of the funding reductions, while other provinces — notably Alberta, which just happens to have heavy representation on the government benches — will come out ahead. Quebec, too, will largely escape the budget axe. The big losers will be ethnic communities in Toronto that rely heavily on agencies that lay the groundwork for integration and citizenship among newcomers ... Speaking to reporters last week, Kenney got bogged down in gobbledygook, describing a process that rewards agencies most adept at filling out bureaucratic forms rather than those with a human touch and a track record for getting things done.
This is so incredibly frustrating.

Lots of money for fighter jets and prisons though.


  1. It's an old trick, announcing unpopular changes during the holidays, but this one takes the cake: no support for integration of immigrants. Sick, sick, sick government.

  2. This is the gangster that really frightens me!