Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Contest. Guess How Many Harper Buddies are Now High Priced Consultants?

Not happy with setting new standards for cronyism and patronage, the Harper government is now spending billions on consultants for work that could be done by our civil servants.
The president of a union representing thousands of professionals is slamming the federal government over its increasing use of consultants, saying the practice could lead to weaker services for Canadians.

"It changes subtly at first, because most taxpayers don't understand the importance of the public service until one day the light come on and they're paying a lot more or there's some kind of disaster like with Walkerton," said Gary Corbett, head of the Professional Institute of the Public Service.

"These services that were once in the domain of the public sector have now been privatized and that's really what's happening here."
I think we need a list of those consultants. Maybe WikiLeaks could post one, because Harper, as usual, is not talking.

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