Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jack Layton and Stephen Harper United Again. When Will You Learn Jack?

You would think that Jack Layton would have learned his lesson. Every time he falls for Harper, he only gets his heart broken.

But apparently with the pollsters already deciding the next election, Jackie has run back to Stevie's open arms and will support corporate tax cuts (the Layton special), death trap fighter jets and absolutely no action on climate change.

He is nothing but a hypocrite, if he falls for this.
In the fall of 2009 – after Mr. Ignatieff declared: “Mr. Harper, your time is up” – Mr. Layton, who had boasted of voting against the Tories in 79 consecutive confidence votes, changed course. The NDP abstained from Mr. Ignatieff’s motion that October to defeat the government, citing the need to pass government legislation extending Employment Insurance benefits. The NDP also cited EI improvements at the time as the reason for voting for a bill tied to the 2009 budget that it had earlier opposed.

79 times, and yet whenever the Harper government does something horrible, Ignatieff is blamed for not getting rid of the menace.

It's all on you Mr. Layton from here on in. You can't blame anyone else for your cowardice.

And this doesn't mean that the right will like you now, but good luck selling this to the left. Tommy Douglas would be so disappointed.

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