Sunday, December 12, 2010

When Religion Turns Evil and Takes a New Low

Elizabeth Edwards, former wife of Democratic senator John Edwards, died this week, leaving behind four children; two grown and two still young, 10 and 12.

Most stories have been poignant, though several reminded their readers of her former husband's indiscretions.

But the worst came from an unlikely source. A Christian church, who believe it or not picketed her funeral.

And what was the sin of this woman that prompted such an outrageous display?

She once described herself as “completely comfortable with gay marriage”.

I don't care if the leader of this church is a nut or not. They should lose their tax exempt status as a religious organization, because clearly they are nothing more than a hate group.

Ms Edwards may have been a public figure, but this is her family's private pain. Have they no decency?


  1. All churches and religions should lose their tax exempt status. What makes mythology and it's believers so special anyway? Why should cults be rewarded for brainwashing the masses?