Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conservative MP Running Side Business Under Baird's Protection

After learning that an employee of Conservative MP Kelly Block leaked information to investors, our elected Opposition wanted answers.

However, we have since learned that that employee may have been running a side business from Block's office.

And she knew nothing about it? Did she sign off on "copy" expenses?

Typically the Cons refuse to be accountable, shutting down the investigation and forming a human shield around the woman.
The Conservatives forcefully objected when opposition MPs tried to steer questions to Mr. Ullyatt’s private printing company, which has boasted of sending more than five million pieces of mail in the past two years as “Canada’s only completely political mail provider.”

New Democrat Thomas Mulcair, who says he’s seen a “very elaborate printing machine” and pallets of boxes outside Ms. Block’s office, tried to ask why the Saskatchewan MP would need these materials. But he was shut down by Joe Preston, the Conservative chairman of the committee, who said the questions were irrelevant to the leak of the budget report.
Remember folks, that's our money. More than five million pieces of mail!

Who says crime doesn't pay?

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