Friday, December 10, 2010

Vic Toews is Showing That the Conservatives Clearly Have Nothing Left

The Conservatives have been increasingly lowering the level of debate in the House, throwing out "zingers" when they are unable to answer questions, which is most of the time.

Vic Toews really outdid himself though.

The debate was over a serious issue. Further security integration with the United States.

And when the Liberal leader asked about this the brilliant, out of ideas Toews, shot back with "I can only speak to the facts, and that is that all Canadians win from increased co-operation, national safety and protection with the Leader of the Opposition's homeland."

"Homeland"? Ignatieff spent five years in the U.S. teaching at Harvard.

We have soldiers who have served in Afghanistan longer than that. Does that make Afghanistan their new homeland?

If Toews can't answer the question, pass it on. This nonsense is getting on every one's nerves.


  1. IM no supporter of the liberal party of Canada but these disgusting low ball Cowardly Attacks have to Stop!
    Enough is enough!!
    Minister Toews disdain for anything bordering on intellectual is sheer THUGGERY !!
    A slimy smear tactic used by The American Neo Con Tea party
    Also used at one time I might add by a more notorious group in Europe that were obsessed with security law and order and the HOMELAND !!! IM SURE Toews is aware of how effective it was used then !