Friday, December 17, 2010

Michael Ignatieff is Right. Canadians are Ready For an Election. Man are we Ready!

Michael Ignatieff has on his game face and suggesting that now may be the time to get rid of the Harper regime.

I couldn't agree more.
Michael Ignatieff says Canadians are ready for an election. And he says the Liberal party is ready too, despite public-opinion polls that suggest the Grits are hovering around 30 per cent — slightly behind the Conservatives and far from the support levels needed to win a majority.

“We are ready for an election and we think Canadians are ready for an election,” the Liberal leader told in a year-end interview on Thursday. Over the last two years, Ignatieff has repeatedly justified having Liberals prop up Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority government by stressing that Canadians don’t want an election. But Ignatieff said he changed his mind after hearing from thousands of Canadians during a summer-long, cross-country bus tour and a series of “Open Mike” townhalls throughout the fall. He said Canadians are no longer saying they want to “avoid an election at all costs.”
And they have plenty of ammunition.

It's time.

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