Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Were Warned in April That the Harper Governmment Was Playing Games With Stimulus

In April, long before the revelations of an accounting mess known as Canada's Action Plan, we were warned that the Reform Conservatives were playing games with the stimulus funding, but as always this got past the media, who are more concerned with providing entertainment than giving Canadians information.

There is a reason why we may be the last to come out of the recession. The whole thing was a fraud, carefully designed to make the government look good, rather than actually doing any good. It just gave them a huge taxpayer funded ad campaign.

'Enron John' is at it again.

Stimulus spending does not match claims from Harper at G20

At last week's G20 summit, Stephen Harper bragged about the extent of Canada's stimulus spending and challenged other nations to do as much. A Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report indicates, however, that Canada is doing far less than Harper claims and that the stimulus package, at best, will create no more jobs than were destroyed in the meltdown even before the federal budget was announced in January.

Although Harper says Canada has nearly achieved the G20 objective of two percent of GDP in stimulus spending, economist David MacDonald says that figure is only achieved at by an "accounting game". It discounts $8 billion in unannounced cuts and asset sales and it relies on what lower-tier governments come up with to match the federal stimulus package ....

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