Thursday, November 5, 2009

Was the Canada Action Plan a Complete Fraud?

I stumbled across a website from YouTube, called Fake Action Plan. The group that runs the site has suggested that the Canada Action Plan was nothing more than an advertising gimmick; long on promise and short on any results.

As the Reform Conservatives continue to stonewall the Parliamentary Budget Officer, and economists are warning that Canada is not as sound as Flaherty and Harper would lead us to believe, this should be yet another wake up call.

We need to make this government accountable. This is Mike Harris all over again.

It's all talk no action

Show me the money. That's what I am hearing from everyone when I mention the stimulus spending that our government keeps talking about. Canadians are still losing their jobs and businesses are still closing their doors but all we hear about in the media is how much money is starting to flow.

Where did all the stimulus money go?

The fact is, most of the money that was intended to stimulate the economy is still sitting in the bank. Some has already been wasted on frivolous projects like rink upgrades or routine building maintenance and huge sums went to bailout the corporate welfare club.

Unfortunately the more important projects aren't underway yet and shovels haven't even broken ground. The time they should have started these projects was last summer. That means most of the work will have to wait until next spring if it ever starts at all ....


  1. All indications are Canada's Action plan is a dismal failure. Unemployment stats were just released for October and it turns out we lost another 43,000 jobs. Our GDP shrank in August and now our unemployment rate sits at 8.6 percent. Stephen Harper if your reading this you better have some kind of rabbit up you sleeve because Canada needs some real leadership now, not just words and hot air

  2. I don't know that the Action Plan was meant to do anything other than launch a massive ad campaign promoting the Harper government.