Friday, November 6, 2009

Stephen Harper's Ship is Sinking With Ref-Con Backdraft

Harper's piano playing and singing a Beatles song off-key, gave him a rise in the polls, but unfortunately, he can't sing his way out of the controversies that are hitting him from all sides.

Are Canadians waking up? We can only hope.

A recent article for the Toronto Star by columnist James Travers, shows that the winds may finally be blowing in the right direction.

Travers: Ill winds blowing for PM's ship of state

Ottawa - Not much is more certain to blow a government off course than events. First observed by former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, that old axiom is Stephen Harper's new reality. Days ago, Conservatives had a breeze at their back. Now they're twisting in winds they can't control.

First, there were those big, blue, bogus stimulus cheques and then came the swine flu with its viral mix of fear, confusion and queue-jumping. Now, watchdogs are barking at a too-sunny economic forecast and who-cares crisis readiness. Each alone would be a problem for any government. Together they threaten the trend Conservatives count on to transform their minority into a future majority.

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