Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stephen Harper and His Police State Mentality

In discussing the documentary The Nation's Deathbed, the introduction or trailer outlined the SPP and the danger it imposed on Canadians. Signed by Paul Martin in 2005, it was completely hijacked by Stephen Harper (with Bush and Calderon), who has since signed away the rights to our natural resources.

Part one of The Nation's Deathbed deals with the 'harmonization' of safety standards between the US, Mexico and Canada; with a policy of 'Risk Management' rather than one of prevention. In other words, as we saw with the Listeriosis outbreak, all industries will be allowed to inspect themselves, but they then must "clean up their own mess". Naturally this is putting our lives at risk, but that's not really their concern.

Part two delves a little further into the fact that the SPP agreement now mentions our water as a 'good' and all 'goods' are part of the NAFTA deal. So even if we need our water, we don't get first dibs, and if we run low, we have to purchase it from someplace else, while our own is being sent to Mexico or the US. In fact, NAFTA's proportionality clause, makes it illegal for us to do anything but. Before becoming Prime Minister Harper was quoted as promoting: "Continental economic and security integration" with the U.S. as well as a "continental energy strategy" that should be broadened "to a range of other natural resources."

The above video is part three and discusses the plans for a global government with the world being divided into trading blocks. We already have a European Union and are one step closer to a North American Union. The Pan-Asian is also in the works and I'm sure Africa will be next.

At one time I dismissed the notion of a 'New World Order' as being science fiction or futuristic nonsense, but what ever you want to call it, Canada is trading her sovereignty in the interest of a free market system. And all of this is being done without any input from the people. Even in the US there is a grassroots movement to demand accountability and Obama has promised more transparency in future negotiations, but we'll see. Don't expect any from the Harper government.

Part three ends with the increasing police presence in Canada. It's everywhere. Harper will suggest that he travels and campaigns in a bubble for security, but as we've seen, it's not about protecting him from a potential assassin, but about protecting him from the media. Right from the beginning:

Harper’s staff, media battle over access issues
March 27 2006
Canadian Press

Security on Parliament Hill barred reporters from attending a pair of Stephen Harper photo opportunities Monday as the Prime Ministers Office flexed its media messaging muscles.

The made-for-TV confrontation between security and reporters outside Harper’s office door graphically illustrated the deteriorating relations between a PMO seeking total message control and news media defending their hard-won access.

It’s a battle that may be beginning to resonate beyond the cozy precincts of the Peace Tower as the Conservatives threaten to hold secret cabinet meetings and withhold information about visiting heads of state.

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