Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poll Reveals That Canadians Believe That the H1N1 Crisis Was Mishandled

An Angus Reid opinion poll yesterday showed that only 32% of Canadians believe that the federal government is handling the H1N1 crisis responsibly. That's less than their current level of support, so they might want to look at that number.

But this was more than just about the fact that they were too late in securing the vaccine. They also failed to properly inform the public, creating chaos where there shouldn't have been chaos.

There was not enough advertising, having blown the bank on self-promotion for an Action plan that appears to be longer on message than action.

This pandemic is far from over and in fact another strain is expected to hit about February, and there are many who may not receive the shots even in time for that.

But what is perhaps even worse than the incompetence, is the fact that they are constantly lying. How can a nation be comforted when they can't even believe what their government is telling them?

I think the Ref-Cons need to put their partisan nonsense aside for a few days and focus. Admit they screwed up, correct it and move on. The buck stops with them.

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