Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My 'Joe Canadian' Award Today Goes to Rick Hillier and the Project Hero program

My 'Joe Canadian' award, which I'm trying to give out each day, goes to Rick Hillier and all those universities involved in the Project Hero program.

I just learned that they are offering free tuition to children of fallen soldiers. This is such an incredible act and definitely promotes the Canadian spirit.

November 11, 2009

HAMILTON, Ont. — McMaster University says it will offer four years of free tuition to the children of Canadian soldiers killed in military action.
The university in Hamilton, Ont., says it will also provide residence accommodation and a meal plan for the first year of study.

It’s part of the Project Hero program launched earlier this year to provide support to the sons and daughters of Canadian military members killed while serving in an active mission.

Project Hero scholarships are also being offered by Memorial University in Newfoundland, the University of Ottawa, the University of Windsor and the University of Calgary.

The program was co-founded by retired general Rick Hillier, the former chief of defence staff, and honorary Lt.-Col. Kevin Reed.

It’s open to those under the age of 26, and students will be required to identify themselves as a son or daughter of a Canadian soldier killed in active duty.

So his name is Rick, and HE IS CANADIAN!

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