Monday, November 16, 2009

Harper Using RCMP to Control the Media While He Controls the Message. Why are we Allowing This?

What in the hell is happening in this country? When did the RCMP feel it was their job to keep the press away from our Prime Minister? Why do we now allow the PMO to write their own press and snap their own photos?


This is Canada? This is a democracy? Unfriggenbelievable!!!!

And you know what the sad part is? There are those in the media who think this is a good idea, because by controlling the message, we are being fooled into thinking this artificial recreation of a Prime Minister is the best thing for this country.

There is a movement on Facebook and other sites to boycott Canadian media because frankly they are not doing their job. I'm beginning to think they might be right. They should be ashamed. Is this what they went to journalism school for? They are an absolute disgrace.

PM Harper's iron message control

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Stephen Harper has become legend for the iron control he exerts not only over the messages his government sends out over the heads of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, but also the messages his staff and MPs project ....

...For at least two years, following his battle with the press gallery in 2006, Harper has snubbed the front door of the Commons for Question Period. He established a covert route to get to the Chamber from his third-floor Centre Block office, ducking down through a narrow hallway behind the public gallery atop the west side of the Chamber, down a small staircase, and then scuttling into the government lobby through a back door across from the House Speaker's Chamber.

... No Prime Minister has ever avoided the front entrance to the Commons and no one, at least outside of Harper's inner circle, understands why Harper does. Is it part of his strategy for media management, avoiding unwanted camera shots or shouted questions ... Gallery President Helene Buzzetti says the struggle came to be too draining, a distraction from work ... ... Graves says their approach, a leftover from the Harris days, is "very disciplined, very, very focused, very political, tightly managing things, no rogue speakers to disrupt the apple cart." ...

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