Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harper Insider Admits That he Perpetrated a Fraud

A story in the Winnipeg Free Press today featured an interview with Harper's former campaign manager, Tom Flanagan. The story was Flanagan offering praise to Michael Ignatieff, as a world-famous scholar, and stating that the Liberals were lucky to have him as their leader.

Maybe as a university professor himself, though with not the same level of success, Flanagan may have felt a bit guilty over the personal attacks. Who knows?

However, the more I thought about that piece, the angrier I got. Not anger over the belated praise for Mr. Ignatieff, but something else that the former Harper insider revealed.

He admitted that Stephen Harper had lied during the parliamentary crisis, and that he had indeed tried to form a coalition with Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton in 2004, and that the Harper coalition "...would have included the Bloc as a full partner." That's quite a statement to make.

Do you remember the mess that was created with the accusations of 'coup' and 'treason'? He divided the country in one of the ugliest displays ever witnessed, and now an insider admits that the whole thing was a fraud?

But you know what the worst thing about this is? That tomorrow no one will mention it. The mainstream media will either not report it or simply gloss it over. A Prime Minister lying and threatening national unity is not news now.

We're on a need to know basis, although I suppose a headline 'Harper lied' would not really be news after all. Sigh.

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