Monday, November 16, 2009

Conservatives Find Way to Cheat Taxpayers at All Three Levels

In the past, even with pork barreling, signs promoting government sponsored programs, included recognition of all levels of government involved in the process.

Not so with the Reformers. They want all the credit, so have told the provinces to get their own damn signs. And worse, they have told the struggling municipalities that they will have to pay for signs to match those paid for by us already.

This of course means that provinces have to spend needlessly, the municipalities have to spend needlessly and the Reform Conservatives get their tax payer fund self-promotion, and it doesn't cost their party a dime.

Instead the Canadian taxpayer is hit up THREE times to promote a single project. Yeah!

N.S. premier surprised at sole-credit infrastructure signs
November 13, 2009
CBC News

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter says he was surprised by the federal government's recent decision to put its own sign on infrastructure projects without provincial or municipal logos attached.

Signs announcing projects, such as new buildings and highway improvements, previously featured logos from various levels of government to show who provided the funding. Over the summer, the federal government told the provinces that if the provincial or municipal governments want to be credited, they need to get their own signs ....

Of course this is the same Keddy of the Conservative logo on the cheque, so I don't think people see this. They believe the money is coming from the Conservative Party of Canada.

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