Friday, February 5, 2010

More Bad News Polls For Stephen Harper

As the Conservatives are spinning out of control, the Liberals and the rest of the opposition are spiralling upward.

CAPP played a huge roll in this, whether the 'kingmaker' media wants to admit it or not.

The latest EKOS showed that if an election were held now the Liberals would have 122 seats, while the Conservatives just 110.

But two other polls reveal something perhaps more damaging. Public opinion is shifting away from the Conservative talking points, as it would appear that Canadians are finally waking up. Dare we dream?

This country has taken a sharp right turn, but Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament will swing it back, one vote at a time.

Prime Minister's Senate appointments seen as hypocritical, poll finds
February 5, 2010
Richard J. Brennan Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA–Two-thirds of Canadians believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a hypocrite for appointing five new senators, a new Angus Reid poll says.

Despite Harper's longtime promise not to appoint senators, but rather to focus on Senate reform, there are now 33 Harper appointees in the upper chamber. Last month's appointments give the Conservatives control of the Senate.

The survey released Thursday found 65 per cent of respondents see the appointments as hypocritical.

Canadians see prorogation as extended vacation: Poll
The Canadian Press
February 5, 2010

OTTAWA — A recent poll suggests Canadians weren't buying Prime Minister Stephen Harper's contention that his government is working hard despite the suspension of Parliament. (Photo-ops at the Olympics won't help this perception)

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicates 39 per cent of respondents believed the government had been not at all active or hardworking since Harper prorogued Parliament, which is not due back until March 3

That's more than triple the 12 per cent who said the government has been very active and hardworking. Another 37 per cent said the government has been somewhat active. The findings suggest Harper has not been able to quell public opposition to prorogation despite a flurry of news conferences, briefings, interviews, announcements and pre-budget consultations aimed at showing the government hard at work.

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