Friday, February 5, 2010

Canada's Involvement in the War on Terror Raises Many Concerns

I am getting so tired of the double standards in this so-called war on terror. It's insane. If you want Canada to engage in this conflict with honour, we can't allow ourselves to act dishonourably.

Senator Romeo Dallaire tried to explain that to Jason Kenney, but he's too thick to understand. Obviously programmed by John Hagee and Charles Mcvety, his eyes glaze over with any mention of human rights or common decency.

But if you think torture and abuse ended with the exposure of the Harper government's possible complicity, guess again. Acclaimed journalist Andrew Wander, paints a different picture, and not one any of us can be proud of. This is what happens when you hold the Bully's Coat.

But before anyone calls him a 'Taliban Dupe', he is a highly respected journalist, something rare these days; and has written articles for The Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer and The Sunday Telegraph.

This week when Michael Ignatieff suggested that Canada needed to reconsider propping up the corrupt Karzai government, the Harper controlled media went nuts.

And yet Arthur Kent, Conservative MP Peter Kents' younger, smarter brother; has tried many times to sound the alarm. And again, Arthur Kent is a highly respected journalist who once worked for NBC. He quit because he was tired of them watering down his stories, and instead freelances, where he can report the truth.

Proxy detention 'collusion' exposed
January 30, 2010
By Andrew Wander

Governments around the world, including those of Arab and European states, have colluded in the secret detention of terrorism suspects, UN investigators have reported.

An extensive report, released on Wednesday, paints a disturbing picture of a systematic secret detention programme involving many countries. Officials found that secret detention "may even amount to a crime against humanity" ...

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