Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RCMP Looking Into Misappropiation of Funds Re: G-8 Spending

Several people, including myself, have contacted the RCMP about the $50 million dollars spent in Tony Clement's riding, that was supposed to be for border security and the easing of congestion at crossings.

Stephen Harper's only defense was that they had done it before. He no longer even pretends to be honest.

But Liberal Marlene Jennings has taken the bull by the horn, and we learn today that the RCMP will be investigating the matter.

Just because you steal the money from taxpayers, doesn't make stealing legal, despite what Harper says.

Let's hope the RCMP don't bury this one along with countless other Conservative crimes. We deserve better.


  1. Well, it's a good thing Harper is building prisons for "unreported crimes" because it sure took long enough for this one to get investigated. Of course, it's now a reported crime, so he can stay out of jail on a technicality.

  2. Way to go Emily. Contacting the RCMP again and again may be the only way to stop this corruption. I only wish that the RCMP had been called in for the Bev Oda affair and Contempt of Parliament. It's a sad day when private citizens have to take it upon themselves to call in the law on their leaders. Good for Jennings too. But I guess Baird and company would simply like to think that it's only a PR stunt.