Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ned Franks is Dead Wrong About Brigette DePape

I was busy yesterday and didn't get to say as much as I would have liked about Brigette DePape. Then I read Ned Franks column in the Star this morning, and couldn't possibly find enough words to tell him why he is dead wrong about this young woman.

Professor Franks is a constitutional expert but apparently not much of an expert on democracy.

Because if he believes that what took place on May 2, was democracy in action, then he clearly needs to read a few books on the subject.

This was the most undemocratic election in our history. Fifty-seven Conservative MPs were no shows, and almost as many NDP, the same.

Our prime minister limited questions to five, and even then only answered the ones he wanted to answer. Fences were put up and one person arrested simply for throwing a teddy bear over the barricades. Another because she had a picture of herself with Michael Ignatieff on Facebook.

If you weren't on a list you didn't get in. Period. In Kingston, the police drew an imaginary line for us not to cross, and when one one man fell over it, tripping on the curb, he was thrown against a police car and hauled away.

It was defined by dirty tricks, bogus phone calls, and Gestapo like control.

And with less than 40% of the popular vote (25% of eligible voters), Stephen Harper has almost 100% control of our country. This is democracy?

This young woman, and others like her, are smart enough to see that our system is badly broken.

And if we expect her to treat our institutions with respect, our current government is not leading by example. A 200 page manual instructing their MPs on how to disrupt Parliamentary committees.

Dean Del Mastro conducts himself like an animal, Pierre Polievre has had to have his mike shut off he was so obnoxious, and Peter Braid has attacked witnesses so voraciously, they have trembled with fear.

This government was found in contempt of Parliament, and yet they were able to run for re-election.

Bev Oda doctored a contract after it was signed and yet she was able to run for re-election.

Young people are not going to sit by for the next four to five years, as Canada continues its race to the bottom.

Miss DePape may not have taken her rightful place on the bus, but hopefully, she has earned her place in history.

We need to encourage our youth to get involved, not vilify them when they do, in the only way they can. Through civil disobedience.

I applaud her and look forward to more of the same, from Canadians of all ages.


  1. Buncha pansey's who have lost the balls to stand up for Canada. And let the likes of Harper tour the country with that moniker. I am ashamed of fellow Liberals who have the audacity to say the Senate is not the place for protest.

  2. well said as always, you are giving me hope again and it has been hard to come by since may 2nd

  3. Terrible article. Not only is it factually incorrect (the girl with Iggy on her FB page was never arrested, as the article implies), but more so, to suggest that the only way youth can get involved is through civil disobedience is simply ridiculous. An MP got elected for the NDP that is two years younger than Miss DePape. But I guess running for office is not a valid way to get involved. It is wonderful that you support getting rid of Harper, but if you are going to do it, please do it with intelligence and at least some credibility, not by spewing this rubbish.

  4. @V, it's true that the young woman at the Conservative rally in London wasn't arrested, she just wasn't allowed in. One small discrepancy and you call Emily's piece rubbish? Your comment is rubbish.

    Emily, thank you yet again for your insight. You and Brigette are inspirations!

  5. Speaking of spewing rubbish ^^^^^^^^^^^^^